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20 years old of expertise in business-to-business exchanges to serve your business

Welcome to Barter&Trade - BarterNext Cooperative - Open an account online

The advantages of BarterNext

We have developed competitive advantages to make you feel at home

A business network

Join a network of dynamic entrepreneurs who are connected through their favorite barter network.

No commissions

With a rate of 0%, BarterNext is positioned as the most democratic network in the world.

A broker for you

A broker will answer your questions and help you do business within the network.

Line of credit to 0%

Exchange credit lines allow you to do business within the network and sell to other members

Proven technology

Online account management, mobile application and modern payment methods allow you to take advantage of all the possibilities of the network.

Free to stay

With a one month contractual commitment, you can leave the network at any time, you just have to reset your account by spending the balance or selling/returning it.

12 good reasons to do multilateral exchange with us

How to subscribe to the BarterNext network?

To open a BarterNext account, you can do so through a broker in the network or online directly yourself.

The entry fee to the network is offered at 200 € instead of 500 € during the whole year 2022 and allocates you a credit line of 1000 B€ from the opening of the account, to already buy within the network, even before having sold.

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A member calls on your services

You can promote your business on the network using the tools at your disposal:

  • The "BarterNext Welcome" sticker for your business indicating to your visitors that you accept a total or partial exchange (2 stickers exist "100% Barter" or "Partial")
  • The mobile application and its marketplace
  • Offers and requests published online and on the application.
  • Your broker can also promote you via the BarterNext newsletter or blog

Selling on the BarterNext network and getting new customers is a matter of course

The B€ are credited to your BarterNext account

You don't have to pay any commission in Euro on your exchange, only 0.5% of the transaction is retained to feed the BarterNext guarantee fund which protects the network in case of a member's default and covers possible unpaid and negative balances.

The amount of your sale then allows you to exchange the received B€ with another member of the network, you thus proceeded to an exchange with a different person and for a different amount, on a shifted moment.

You can use your B€ within the network or you can use your...

You can either use your B€ with a potential supplier within the network or secure the link with one of your suppliers by sponsoring him/her within the network: in this case, BarterNext pays you for the registration formalities of your sponsoree or he/she is offered an entry fee on BarterNext.

If you have a dedicated broker (premium subscription), your broker can do the research for you.