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20 years old of expertise in business-to-business exchanges to serve your business

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Single rate

0% of commission

Discover our transparent rates, applicable from 1/1/2022

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Standard account:
One-time entry fee of 200 € to join the BarterNext network 

Possible subscription 100% online

Setup fees

Each member pays an entry fee to join the network. From 200 € (standard) to 2000 € (choice of premium account, depending on the size of your company)

Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription of 17,90 € HT or 18,90 € (Premium) and payable by automatic payment.

0% cash commissions

You do not pay any commission on the transactions you make within the exchange network. And you never will.

Participation in the guarantee fund

On each transaction, 0,5% of the amount with a minimum of 1B€ on paid to the guarantee fund that intervenes in case of non-fraudulent bankruptcy of a member, to guarantee the balance of the network.

The entrance fee

The entrance fee to the cooperative, of which 1 € is allocated to a type B share, allows each member of the network to become part of the BarterNext community.

The entrance fee is accompanied by a money back guarantee NoCure NoPay : we will refund to 100% if you do not earn additional business within the network (conditions apply*)

No-cure-no-pay guarantee

At BarterNext, we stand behind the quality of our services, and we offer a 5-year money back guarantee if the BarterNext system has not worked for your company.

And, in the 20 years of our existence we have had to pay back 2 members in total, and this has allowed us to improve.

Our guarantee conditions are clearly explained here because, as you will have understood, a member who "plays the game" will always be satisfied with BarterNext.

The no-cure no-pay guarantee on the entrance fee applies under the following conditions: 

  • If you were unable to buy or sell within the network
  • If you have put your products and services online
  • If you have been actively using the network (one connection per week to the platform)
  • If you have successfully installed and used the BarterNext mobile application
  • You have been using the system for more than 5 years in your company
  • You have applied your broker's advice on exchange rates within the network.
  • You have participated in one BarterNext event per year and organized a business lunch or meeting in your company.