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What happens to my B€ if the BarterNext system fails?

This is a frequent question we are asked and it is a legitimate one? What should I do if I have B€ registered on a BarterNext account and the network is bankrupt?

The BarterNext system is based on a three-headed system with 3 structures:

  • The cooperative that "owns" the network has data on the B€ and the guarantee fund, which had a capacity at the time of its last audit of 1.3 Million B€ or 830% of its effective needs in a normal year.
  • An interchangeable billing and management body that bills and assumes structural risks
  • A technology management company managing the IT maintenance of servers, mobile app and using world leading technology and handling billions of transactions every year.

This means that in the event of a minor problem, the system is resilient, the proof being that we crossed without a hitch:

  • The banking crisis of 2008
  • The Covid19 crisis

And in case of serious problems, members and strategic assets can be taken over by the members themselves who are all cooperators of BarterNext.

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